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What Are You Living For?


Its a great question!   What is most important to you in your life?  What do you hold most dear?   What are you holding on to that needs to be set free?   If you had just one month left to live on earth how would you spend your time?

We rarely take time to ponder these important questions.  And yet, we all intrinsically know that understanding the answers and living this way would bring us peace and joy.

A coach will help set you on the path....

Hi, I'm Lisa,

Coaches like to ask questions, and my favorite is "What are you living for?"  It's one that crossed my mind many times in years past, but I was too busy to slow down and seek the answers.  Then in 2008 I began a serious time of discovery, which lead me to create a plan which created the way for me to leave my successful banking career of 35 years to fulfill my dream of helping others in a more meaningful way.  I carried this dream in my heart for 15 years and I truly enjoyed the journey.   I look back on that time and now see how all things had a way of coming together in just the right way and at the right time.

This is a reality we all can experience if we but make a choice to do so. 

Today I am living more aligned with my Purpose than ever before!  I am so happy to feel the freedom of saying NO! which gives me the ability to give a whole hearted YES! to the things aligned with my priorities and values.  


My life was not always that way however.  I had to learn how to develop this type of clarity and discipline to achieve my Best Life.

I am a happy wife, proud mother, life time learner, listener and friend.   I have survived the loss of two sons, my father, and a divorce after twenty years of marriage.  I've stumbled through and overcame the hardship of corporate take over, outsourcing, and job transition.     


Today I put my corporate experience and newest training into service by helping those struggling with life transition, be it career, retirement, or simply gaining a more balanced and meaningful life.

About Lisa

Transition and Mentor Coaching

Strategically Manage Your Next Chapter

What's Next?   What Now?
Is this the right move for me? 

Maybe you are overwhelmed with personal challenges, situations or issues in your life right now.
If you are facing challenges or asking these questions, coaching can help you process your thoughts, see the big picture and help you gain clarity to make the best choice that will align with your values, strengths and goals at this time of your life.  


(6) one hour sessions over 6 months
   with mid month check - $800


Money Mindset Coaching

Gain Peace & Freedom Over Finances

Talking about our money is more painful than a root canal..
   Believe me, I get it! 

Don't let unfortunate circumstances or choices hold you back from gaining freedom over your finances!

As a retired banking leader of 35 years, I have helped hundreds of people learn how to reduce debt, increase savings and finally feel in control of their money,  preparing them for a more secure future. 

This program will help you see your habits, learn new ones and make you excited about saving money!.

(6) one hour sessions over 6 months
   with mid month check - $500


Realize Your Full Potential

Are you wanting to up level your communication skills or leadership abilities to prepare for more responsibility?

Perhaps you are at the point you want to reinvent your career?

Are you a leader who wants to increase your compassion and ability to communicate with your team on a deeper level for more impact and joy in business?

I have a proven track record of coaching soon to be leaders and leaders struggling with open communication with their teams. 

I would love to help!


(12) one hour sessions over 6 months with mid month check - $1100

Become Your Best Self

This 12 month program is the Whole Shebang!
If you are wanting to go deep into what drives you, revisit your dreams, and focus on every element of yourself as a human being, Your Physical Self, Emotional Self, Intellectual Self, and Spiritual Self to optimize your happiness and success, this program is for you!

We'll dive into every aspect of YOU, from your personal values, your dreams, career, finances, relationships and you will create actions plans and a total Life Plan that will keep you dreaming, growing and choosing what you want in your life.

Program includes a workbook, 2 books, a journal, many templates to keep you on track.


(24) one hour sessions over 12 months $2500 

Career and Leadership Coaching

Your Life - Your Design

Coaching Programs

  How To Work With Me

Take a test run!  I offer a complimentary 30 minute session via Zoom or phone.  


If you'd like to move forward I offer coaching programs for specific situations as well as open coaching for any need you may have.   



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