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Sat on the Rocks

Slow Down   
Gain Clarity   
Live On Purpose

Welcome Friend

Choosing how we will live each day is both a privilege and responsibility. 

Even the strongest among us can get swept up in the rushing, constant flow of never ending demands of our rapidly paced world. Sadly, before we know it, all meaning seems to have vanished from our lives.

We feel there is no time for us to pause, catch our breath or just Be silent.

Oh, but there IS time..so let's get to it!  

Hi, my name is Lisa

Experienced Coaching Professional

For over three decades I worked as a corporate leader in the financial services industry.  Over that time I had the privilege of helping hundreds of others reach their dreams of achieving higher potential, career advancement, financial freedom and overall balance in their lives..

I am also a wife, mother, life time learner, listener and friend.   I have survived the loss of two sons, my father, and a divorce after twenty years of marriage.  I have also experienced the corporate drudgery that can enslave us today!  However, more importantly, I found a way to balance work and life while still remaining sane!

Today I am leveraging my many years of experience in both life and business along with my formal training as a Strategic Life and Leadership Coach to assist others who have the longing for a more meaningful, intentional, purposeful life.    We only have one..so I say let's not delay!  I am grateful to God to be realizing my personal Dream!   


So Tell Me:


  • How Do You Want to Live? 

  • Who Do You Want to Be? 

  • What's Your Dream?


​It would be my privilege to journey with you through a Dynamic and Structured Program to:


  • Help you Clarify Your Priorities/Purpose

  • Help you Create A Plan of Action

  • Act as your Accountability Partner 

Join me for a time of Dreaming, Discovery and Doing to allow you to

Live a Life Uncommon!


"Don't spend another day living half way!"

Lisa McGowan

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Gain Financial Freedom and Peace

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St. Augustine, FL, USA