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Welcome Friend

Choosing how we will live each day is both a privilege and responsibility. 

Even the strongest among us can get swept up in the rushing, constant flow of never ending demands of our rapidly paced world. 


Especially today, as we all maneuver the uncertainty of so much change in our world.  


But Don't Lose Heart!   Your Human Spirit is Alive and Well and YOU CAN

journey through this time in Peace and Calm. 

I am here to share tools to help you do just that!


Hi, my name is Lisa,

Experienced Strategic Life Coach

Certified Dream Manager

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For over 35 years I worked as a corporate leader in the financial services industry.  Over that time I had the privilege of helping hundreds of others reach their dreams of achieving higher potential, career advancement, financial freedom and overall balance in their lives..

I am also a wife, mother, life time learner, listener and friend.   I have survived the loss of two sons, my father, and a divorce after twenty years of marriage.  I have survived the ups and downs of corporate take over, outsourcing, and job transition.    


I have also had the  honor of helping others in the business world manuever personal and career change, as well as helping families overcome financial challenges.  


Now more than ever, during this time of uncertainty, I find myself right where God wishes me to be.  My years of experience and formal training as a Strategic Life and Leadership Coach puts me in the position to share the tools of remaining Calm and Resilient while moving through radical change.  



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Improve your Work/Life Balance

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